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The result from a clinical pilot study, in collaboration with the clinic of Oncology at the university hospitals in Lund and Malmö as well as the hospital in Kristianstad, shows that VibroSense Meter® and its technology can be used to predict the risk of getting permanent nerve damage caused by treatment of cancer with chemotherapy. The discovery is an important step to pave the way for a new biomarker that can support physicians within cancer treatment with chemotherapy.


The patent application is based on a study conducted during 2018-2020, on patients with colorectal cancer treated with oxaliplatin-based drugs. The patients' sensitivity was examined with VibroSense Meter® on hands and feet, before the first treatment and then during the ongoing treatment for 3-6 months. A follow-up examination with VibroSense Meter® was performed 6 months after the last chemotherapy treatment.

The results strongly indicate that it is possible to identify patients at high risk of acquiring permanent nerve damage 6 months after the final treatment, by measuring the patients’ sensitivity with the VibroSense Meter® before the first chemotherapy treatment.


  • It is a well-known fact that treatment with chemotherapy affects the nervous system with a considerable risk for patients to get permanent nerve damage. In addition, many treatments must end prematurely due to severe nerve damage. With our new discovery, we can help physicians and nurses to identify patients at high risk in an early stage. This makes it possible to adapt the treatment and provide a more individualized therapy. However, more studies are required, but I have high hopes that we will be able to develop diagnostic and treatment support based on the results of the completed study, says Toni Speidel, CTO at VibroSense Dynamics AB.




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VibroSense Dynamics AB (public) sells and develops efficient systems to support early detection and diagnosis of sensory neuropathy, i.e. disease of large nerve fibres and nerve trunks in e.g. legs and arms. Our vision is that the VibroSense Meter® shall be the golden standard instrument for neurological examinations to assess sensory neuropathy and help to improve life conditions for patients having a risk of getting nerve injuries.